5 Tips for Comfortable Camping

Camping is so much fun, however it does involve a certain level of preparation and so it’s important to have all the right gear. So, we’ve compiled a list of things to think about before hitting the outdoors to ensure you stay warm and comfortable. Sleeping One of the most common mistakes that people make [...]

Hitting up the gym when on holidays can be a great idea and allow you not just peace for body and mind, but also the chance to strengthen it too. Of course, you need a hotel gym and fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of different things that you should look for from it – let’s [...]

London is a fantastic city and one that everyone should visit once in a life time. Home to millions of people, amazing history and a diverse and eclectic hub of culture – it’s one of the top cities in the world. Needless to say a visit to London is made a lot easier by a [...]

When it comes to learning a new language there are a variety of factors that can help you decide which to choose; whether you’re leaning to be able to communicate when you go on holiday in a certain area, to be able to chat with a friend in his or her native language or just [...]

When thinking about holiday ideas, many people turn to boating for safe and relaxing yet stimulating vacations and Britain is the perfect place for boating holidays of all shapes and sizes; with over 3000 canals and networks extending through areas rich with historical sites, friendly ports and stunning scenery taking a few weeks out to [...]

It’s Party Time for Kate & Tom’s, we’ll Bring the Birthday Cake!

It might be bold, and a little brave, but hey, it’s our birthday! We think we are the friendliest, funkiest and fastest-growing cottage company in the UK. The Big Cottage Company was rebranded to kate & tom’s on 8th May 2013. It’s been a whole year and we are getting bigger and better by the [...]

A lot of people see the idea of volunteering as a little limiting, almost as a chore that gets in the way or real adventure. However, it isn’t like that, especially if you combine it with something like travelling. Going abroad to volunteer can be a fantastic learning experience, eye opener and also allows you [...]

Dads: Why can’t they hear the baby crying when on Holidays?

If you have got a small family, going on holiday can be a much needed luxury. However, as a lot of mums will know, babies will cry if they are in a new environment but there is research to suggest that  men fail to hear them. So, why don’t dad’s hear their baby crying when [...]