Life begins at 50: Holidays for singles over 50

This article covers a variety of ideas for single people over 50 to who want to get away on holiday. Topics include where to go, the type of holidays to take and ways to stay safe if you are travelling alone.

Many people feel that going on holiday alone is either a little bit sad or possibly dangerous, but there are plenty of ways that single people in their 50′s can get out on a break and have a great time, often with a group of other people in the same situation.

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Join a group tour
This is the easiest way to get a holiday when you don’t have an available travel companion. There are many companies that specialize in group holidays and the majority of other guests will be travelling alone as well so you’ll have something in common. These types of tours go all over the world, from hiking or walking trips in South America, to Nile cruises, safaris holidays and wine tasting tours there is bound to be something to suit your tastes or hobbies. These tours are generally escorted as well, so there is an extra level of safety and always someone on hand to help you with any difficulties, which is perfect for holidays for singles over 50s. The itinerary tends to be pretty busy and you will have the chance to do a lot of sightseeing, although it will not be compulsory if you’d rather have a few days off to relax so you can pick the trips that interest you most.

Lie back and relax
For those who would rather have a little more choice in their day to day activities, or just want to relax then an all-inclusive resort is a great option. Splash out on a luxury complex with spa facilities and less children for a rally relaxing break; there will be day trips available from the hotel if you fancy getting out for a bit, otherwise just relax and soak up the sun. Another great holiday for those who are feeling a bit more adventurous is an island hopping tour in the Caribbean; charter a yacht and relax on deck whilst someone else does all the work, but see a new port each day. Many of these yacht charters are made up of groups of single people so there is a good chance of meeting someone that you get on with; or for a reclusive holiday you can charter a yacht all to yourself.

Holidays for singles over 50s are growing in popularity as older travellers get more adventurous and begin to consider travelling alone or with a group of friends which has previously not been happening. Travel in an organized group is a safe and easy way to go; everything is planned for you and there are plenty of others in the same situation so friends are easily made. An all-inclusive break is an easy alternative for those who would rather just relax on their holiday.

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Molly Turner is in her 50′s herself and has enjoyed many holidays from adventure holidays to her favourite kind, a Caribbean sailing vacation. She writes for a range of travel websites and blogs about various travel subjects.

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