Top Travel Destinations in Europe to Suit Different Individualistic Preferences

Europe has always captivated the interest and intrigue of the world at large. Whether it is the cuisine, the scenic beauty, the historic relevance, the monarchy, the multi-cultural societies or the melodic languages that lure tourist by the hoards each year, the fact remains that Europe is one of the most ideal holiday destinations. It offers something for everybody, you can be young or old, looking for a quite retreat in the Alps or a wild party weekend in Ibiza, the continent knows how to take care of you.

Ibiza, Balearic Islands by teosaurio via Flickr Creative Commons

The only predicament facing holiday makers is to find the most suitable destination. It is like choosing a box of one flavoured macaroons, it just isn’t possible, you want to try them all. You may be able to get an assorted box of macaroons, but in order to fully experience the city, you will need to spend some quality time there. Following are a list of top places to visit in Europe to narrow down your list according to your own personality traits.

Adventure Holidays

Most people associate Europe with sunny beaches, ancient buildings and green lands. However, Europe has a lot to offer for the adventurous at heart too. The options are endless and the activities are thrilling and fun filled.

The Countryside of Provence by michalo via Flickr Creative Commons

France is as much associated with the Versailles, Louvre and the Eiffel Tower as it is with cycling. And if you are a fan of the Eu de France or love cycling then the mountainous Alps, the countryside of Provence, or the streets of Paris are your ultimate destinations. Other great adventurous activities include kitesurfing in Spain, Off-road and jeep safaris in Turkey, hiking in Romania, canoeing in Sweden and swimming with the dolphins in the Azores.

Romantic Getaways

The Swiss Alps by arturstaszewski via Flickr Creative Commons

Europe has been the most sought after destination when it comes to honeymooners and the romantic at heart. Hollywood movies, celebrities and artists, all have been enchanted by the beauty of Europe and have headed there to look for inspiration and magical experiences. You can take a canoe ride in Venice, have dinner at the Eiffel tower in Paris, experience the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland or spend the weekend experiencing the majestic beauty of the alps in Switzerland. The choices are endless and the experiences are priceless.

History Lovers

The Stonehenge, Wiltshire by cjtraveltips via Flickr Creative Commons

If there is one place a history lover can call heaven on earth then it has to be one of the numerous historic monuments, archives and museums in Europe. The Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the Louvre in Paris, the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Rome, Saint Petersburg Cathedral, Sistine Chapel, Grand Masters Palace in Malta, the Edinburgh Castle in Europe, the list is endless. Europe is home to numerous UNESCO Heritage Sites, the most beautiful paintings and sculptures in the world and great historic significance.

Saint Petersburg Cathedral by alexxx-malev via Flickr Creative Commons

So whether you are an art, history or architecture student, head over to Europe to be inspired. There are plenty of within budget trips that you can make to the historic capital of the world. Just take a flight to London, stay at the Gatwick airport hotels and spend a day or two visiting Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and the Madame Tussaud’s museum, before continuing your journey to the rest of Europe.

Edinburgh Castle by timo_w2s via Flickr Creative Commons

Europe is a multi-cultured continent, which has beautifully retained its ancient traditions and monuments and at the same time has moved shoulder to shoulder with the technological advancements. It doesn’t matter for what reason you are visiting Europe, you will leave enchanted, revitalized and in love all over again.

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